Quiet design Loud speaker

Steve Angello, will.i.am, Snoop Dogg and Robyn are just some of the artists that have embraced the Transparent Speaker.

The speakers’ transparency and simple Scandinavian aesthetics make it blend in and fit in almost any interior. With walls of hardened glass, the speaker gives a rich sound that brings out the details in all kinds of music.

The speaker is designed by People People, now a part of Doberman.

Designed to last

Certain aesthetics grow old, like fashion, others last. The Transparent Speaker is designed to feel right in your home over time, unaffected by trends and seasonal change.

Our construction makes it easy to dismantle the speaker at home. By loosening a few screws users can replace specific parts if needed. Repair, rather than replace.

And when the day comes, modularity makes the speaker easy to disassemble for recycling. The Transparent Speaker have been carefully considered down to the last detail to ensure quality and functionality, but they also carry a hidden message, to radically change and clean up the consumer electronics industry.

Transparent Speaker is a manifestation of our proud ability to be able to take a product from idea, through manufacturing, to market.


Perfect for someone who wants to add some boom to their room without clunky cubes dissing their design aesthetic.

It blends seamlessly and unobtrusively with your decor, making it a cool audio addition to your home.

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Transparent speaker shows off sustainable, minimalist design

It's as fun to stare through, as it is to hear

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