This guy changed everything!

Doberman helped Tele2 go from zero retail stores in the Netherlands to a Dutch market success stor(e)y

When the brief for an omni-channel retail assignment arrives in a Tweet, it’s obvious your client isn’t afraid of new ways of working…

We want to fill our net with happy customers by creating a cost effective physical touch point. #CureTheTelcoRetailBoredom

Armed with this challenge, Tele2, one of the fastest-growing telecom operators in Europe, engaged Doberman to create an innovative new retail concept for the Dutch market and to lead a multi-agency effort of retail architects, management consultants and a brand agency.

Doberman was tasked with infusing a customer experience approach across the project that would guide and align all stakeholders. Tele2’s brave objective, combined with an open attitude, allowed us to turn what is typically a costly project of developing a new retail concept on its head.

Tele2 is a fast-growing European telecommunications operator, with about 14 million customers in 9 countries.

The complete service concept -- from physical store layout to digital interactions -- were tested as prototypes to allow for frequent customer feedback throughout the creative process. These opportunities for customer feedback deepened as the experience came to life: from a uniquely designed exhibition to facilitate quantitative and qualitative research early on in the project, to an actual full-size store prototype to validate the final experience in action.

How to supercharge the approach to a new retail concept? Begin by listening to your customers

Empathy-building is core to Doberman’s approach to design.

Collaborating with users accelerates learning and shatters costly and complex assumptions that frequently detract from the service experience. Our ethnographic research inspired the design of several differentiating moments of truth in the retail experience. Such as radical ways to emphasize service staff in the store front.

The experience map was developed based on customer insights and was used to inform the innovation process around potential 😡 pain points and 😲 moments of truth in the customer journey before, during and after visiting the retail environment.
You go to a store to get service - good service by skilled and friendly people. That’s why we put the service staff in the store front. When competitors clutter their windows with sales messages, Tele2 stands out and are unique as a customer focused telco.
Anna Strömberg, Strategist, Doberman

A store of success

The Dutch stores are outperforming Tele2’s expectations in terms of sales and customer value, scoring an impressive 8.5 in customer satisfaction, the highest rating across all channels. Simultaneously, the stores are exceeding revenue projections significantly.

Having already met and surpassed the goals set out in the original business case well within the first year of opening is just amazing.
Jeroen van Nistelrooij, Manager of Retail Marketing & Business Development, Tele2