Evolution by public demand

Helping Sveriges Radio stay at the frontier of digital product design through an evolutionary approach.

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The mission of public service radio broadcasting company Sveriges Radio is to provide “enriching programmes for all Swedes, wherever they live and regardless of their age, gender, and cultural background.”

To act upon the digital opportunities in this demanding but noble assignment, Sveriges Radio has partnered with Doberman since 2010.

Working with Doberman
We can tell that Doberman is just as committed as we are. This is truly great because it means that we have an extended and driven team of colleagues in Doberman, rather than some consultants who just drop in and out to do a temporary job
Daniel Boo, Sveriges Radio

Our relationship has revolved around envisioning the next generation on-demand radio experience, including everything from designing apps and responsive websites to user testing, strategy and facilitating the process of getting internal buy-in from management.

The long-term collaboration has been driven by an evolutionary approach to product design empowered by the idea that true user value can only be achieved if we continuously push the product beyond incremental improvement. We have worked on several iterations of the product ecosystem with the aim to establish Sveriges Radio as a leading provider of on-demand radio.

Small details, big improvements

The smallest details have become the cornerstone of a user experience geared towards the progressive and modern DNA of Sveriges Radio. The continuous iteration of micro-interactions within the products are central in the continuous design process.

Design accelerated by empathy

Sveriges Radio is not a tech-driven company. Our shared design and innovation process has instead relied on deep understanding of user needs and behavior – user empathy.

Continuously meeting and working with listeners to test ideas that question assumptions help us develop and adjust the products in ways that make a profound, measurable difference that puts Sveriges Radio at the forefront of user experience.

Pop non-stop for digital natives

Digital media consumption is an ever-changing landscape. Doberman worked with Sveriges Radio to innovate the app for their youth channel P3. The product strategy defined a new breed of on-demand radio that took its cue from the intersection of music consumption and a social and mobile lifestyle. As part of the research and creative process we let the teens be the jury.

Read more about some of our learnings here.

More than apps

Besides multiple design awards, Sveriges Radio’s products have been widely appreciated by the general public with millions of users every day. We continue to work with Sveriges Radio to fulfill their mission and the backlog for pushing the frontier for on-demand radio is re-evaluated every week.