Fast-forwarding the digital transformation of Sweden’s leading bank

As Sweden’s first private bank, founded over 150 years ago, SEB is no stranger to evolution and change. But new laws, new customer behaviors and new competition through disruptive fintech startups demand that banks adapt to a new order – fast. SEB engaged Doberman to help them map the opportunities of tomorrow and infuse a new order for innovation.

  • 15,000 employees
  • 3,000 corporate clients
  • 400,000 small and medium-sized companies
  • 4,000,000 private customers
Digitalization offers great opportunities for us to create a brand new customer experience. Doberman has helped us view our future digital service development with new eyes, and has shown a unique ability to collaborate with us around the major changes now taking place in the financial industry.
Lars Millberg, Head of Digital Banking, SEB

Aligning 500 executives is not as easy as clicking this

Doberman first led an extensive initiative to inform and align SEB’s leadership around a more valuable way of working: towards a common vision. By uniting teams in a series of workshops – large and small, reaching from the board of directors to the top 500 executives – Doberman has deployed a new culture of innovation within SEB, anchored by customer experience-driven business development.

500 executives workshopping together.

Strategy by design

By continuously building prototypes and designing future scenarios, we have recast SEB’s strategy in a more actionable way, focused on the customer’s everyday relationship with SEB. This business-transformation-through-design-approach allows their product and service innovation to co-exist in the hands of customers, and on the table in board rooms – at the same time. It acts as a translation space between strategy and reality. The result clarifies a path forward that is deeply rooted in both customer needs and business context.

SEB’s new retail banking experience informed by their new approach to customer centered innovation.

What’s next

Our work with SEB is a long term engagement where we now collaborate to materialize their strategy in to products, services and the future role of a bank. As a bank they have a very clear ambition and a strong will to really change things, which inspires us to go beyond the obvious. We are very proud to help SEB on this journey.
Johan Bernunger, Business Director & Strategist, Doberman

Our work outlines objectives around everything from innovation culture and product and service offerings to omnichannel experiences through a wide range of touchpoints. This has resulted in a broad set of strategic initiatives. One of the first to launch is SEB’s new retail banking experience, rolling out first in Stockholm. With a service concept informed by their new approach to innovation, this experiment is set to transform the bank as we know it.

Stay tuned. More to come.