Innovating sex‑ed for everyone

How building an app for teens with special needs set a new standard for sex ed

Privatliv was produced by sex educators Nathalie Simonsson and Zafire Vrba in collaboration with Doberman, with funding from the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority.

Since the 1950’s sex education has been mandatory in Swedish schools. But only recently has comparable curriculum been introduced in schools for children with special needs.

Privatliv (Private Life) is the first interactive educational material specifically designed for the needs of this group of users.

Developed in close cooperation

Privatliv was developed in close cooperation with student test groups, aged 15 to 20 years, from different schools.

Test everything

The students tested prototypes and provided us with frank feedback from the first iteration to the finished result--and every so often, they educated us on our subconscious prejudices along the way.

Specialists & experts

A large group of specialists and experts in various fields, including educators, also served as a reference group for the project.

Just like sex – building an app is more fun together

Privatliv was developed in close collaboration with actual students, aged 15 to 20 years. Students tested prototypes and provided us with frank feedback from the first iteration to the finished result – every so often educating us on our prejudice.

A central principle was that the app should be accessible to as many people as possible to use in private in order to provide an opportunity to explore issues related to the body, sexuality, relationships and feelings, without the presence of adults. The radically close collaborative process built trust between our team and the students, so tricky questions could be asked and answered – for everyone's benefit.

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We focused on difficult and taboo topics. Embarrassment and self-doubt, masturbation and a broken heart. We made the app we wish we'd had ourselves when we were 15.
Tove Blomgren, Creative Director, Doberman

Transforming the Curriculum

ThePrivatliv app was designed to be part of a larger ecosystem and is now a core part of the sex ed curriculum in many schools. It has revolutionized the way schools educate in this field, and with content designed to support a wide range of teens at different stages, it also serves as a reference platform for teens outside of the target group.