I am married with two children.
We make $50,000 per year.
Our ZIP code is 10003.

Before Oscar, securing health insurance was a real mess

How Doberman helped start a health insurance revolution

In 2014 the Affordable Care Act offered 40 million uninsured Americans an unprecedented opportunity to obtain health insurance. But signing up was a confusing, complex and multi-step process – which at its worst required completing a 49 page form.

New York-based health insurance start-up Oscar wanted to change things and engaged Doberman to help design the centerpiece of their offering – a digital product to simplify and humanize the process.

True simplification demands both guts and passion. The Oscar team excelled at both.
Albert Cordenius, Head of Product Design, Doberman

A unified team with design as the catalyst

By having Oscar’s lawyers and insurance experts sit and work together with our embedded design team – complete with full stack developers and product designers – progress was fast and focus remained clear. Access to in-depth legal knowledge was as critical as aligning back-end with front-end and envisioning the brand. Everything needed to happen as a single unified team, leveraging a simultaneous process. Every iteration was an opportunity for alignment and rapid decision-making.

Doberman acted as Oscar’s first design team. Together with Oscar we shipped the original and defining iteration of the product and identity. Our work also gave the organization an approach to their brand and customer experience that’s been key to Oscar’s continuous iteration of their offering.

Humanizing by simplifying

Oscar launched a radically different health care product. The product onboarding set a new standard for the industry and was based on four very simple questions: “I am ____ with ____ children. I make ___ per year. My ZIP code is ___.” Rather than being faced with a daunting multi-page, multi-step process, users were now offered an intuitive experience that spoke to them as people, and in turn provided meaningful value from the first interaction. Users were delighted to find that they could instantly manage their insurance plan, find answers and get in contact with a doctor directly from the product.

Oscar is offering the newly-insured under the Affordable Care Act a unique proposition: A health insurer deliberately catering toward digital natives.
Fast Company

The design has paid off

Positioning Oscar as an oft-cited model for successfully disrupting a legacy industry.

Doberman has been a key part of Oscar since our inception. The team’s creativity and unique product design approach were invaluable.
Kevin Nazemi, Co-Founder, Oscar