Revitalizing the digital expression of an iconic arts institution

We partnered with MoMA's Digital Media team to bring to life a new design language across their digital ecosystem

In 2019, MoMA massively expanded their gallery space. As part of that effort they partnered with the branding firm Order to update their visual identity.
Order created a system that celebrates MoMA's rich design history.
We worked with MoMA's team to adapt this modular system for the digital world, addressing both visuals and the underlying code.

With Order’s work as the foundation, color, typography, and proportion do the heavy lifting in a design system with little ornamentation.

Spacing and type sizes are based on a common modular scale, which extends from the website to the ticket kiosks.
<h2>A common language between design and engineering</h2>

<p>By breaking down the designs into <strong>small and highly composable parts</strong>, using Atomic CSS, it created a shared language <strong>between designers and developers</strong>. This methodology allowed us to <strong>rapidly prototype</strong> a large number of pages and components and gave the MoMA team a <strong>new development model</strong> that has transformed the way they approach front-end.</p>

We worked with MoMA’s dedicated kiosk team to design and execute an updated point of sale interface that will be used by millions of visitors each year.

“We partnered with MoMA’s team to provide an external perspective on the brand’s expression in a digital system context. The result is a solid platform they can build on as their physical presence continues to evolve.”

Robert Lindgren, Principal Designer at Doberman