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How Doberman helped Maple launch a digital-first food delivery business that outperformed everyone's expectations

The startup Maple invited us to sit at the founder’s table with Akshay Navle and Caleb Merkl. They presented a bold mission: to deliver high quality, healthy meals at home or the office at an affordable price. Together we started jotting down the recipe for their new business venture: a restaurant-level experience in a food delivery app.

A bold mission demands a bold solution

High-quality food and quick delivery are centerpieces of Maple’s business model. Doberman’s challenge was to elevate these same principle in the product experience, and to do so quickly. We designed the new product – mobile and web – in only 3 months.

Just as chefs carefully plate their dishes to showcase quality and craftsmanship, we wanted the food to be the hero.
Robert Lindgren, Visual Design Lead, Doberman

Doberman drew inspiration from Maple’s strong mission, and created a digital experience that stripped the ordering process of all unwarranted technicalities. Focusing on what both users and Maple’s chefs desired: emphasis on premium ingredients, a quick flow and fewer choices.

A digital-first brand

With brand and product development happening simultaneously, the insights behind Doberman’s digital experience were incorporated into the brand, influencing Maple’s look and feel.

Frequent co-creative sessions with the Maple’s management and tech teams maintained momentum, encouraging rapid exploration in pursuit of the purest, most premium expression of the product and brand experience.

The ingredients

Honest & transparent. Showing the real contents of meals that Maple delivers builds trust with customers.

The guides

Quick indications are important. They question might not be “is this good” but rather “can I eat this”.

A taste for new ways of working

Our highly collaborative approach fostered alignment around the app experience across the organization. This inspired Maple to apply a similar way of thinking and working to other parts of its business. For example, Maple applied a Doberman way of working in developing custom apps for its kitchen and delivery staff.

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