Okej Google, låt mig prata med ICA

Här är ICA

Lägg till alfalfagroddar och burkchampinjoner på min inköpslista

Klart! Något mer?

Doberman helped ICA build Monica, the first Swedish speaking app on Google Assistant

Google Assistant finally speaks Swedish. We helped food giant ICA build a voice app, so you can add missing items to your shopping list or ask for dinner tips without unnecessary typing. No interface is the new interface.

Working fast in this new Nordic voice territory, in close collaboration with ICA and their innovation hub ICAx, Doberman helped create Monica, the first Swedish app for Google Assistant.

It’s been very interesting to work with the challenges and opportunities of voice interfaces. Doberman has been a great partner on this journey. And this is just the beginning, we will continue to develop new actions for Monica.

Samuel Young, Head of ICAx

But don’t let us do the talking when Monica can, try for yourself.