A new Design Language by IBM

We partnered with IBM to design and develop the presentation of their IBM Design Language.

The design language was created as we implemented it. Its core component is the 8 point mini unit, upon which everything else is built - from margins to typographic scale.
A behind the scenes look at the content architecture.
Meeting up with the design team at the IBM office.
All UI components were created in React. The grid was made using CSS grid, and for styling we used CSS-in-JS with Emotion.js. The setup made for a very smooth developer experience that allowed us to handle change and visual tweaking in a seamless way.

Building a system for the system

Our design and development team were the first users of the IBM Design Language. We worked in close partnership with the brilliant Brand, Digital and Product development teams at IBM to ensure that the system would first and foremost deliver on the needs of internal users, while also supporting the ultimate ambition of opening it up to the public. Have a look.

Design is how we build bonds
IBM Design

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IBM Design Language is now live!

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