Three more Speakers Announced

The Frontiers Conference lineup grows with a Rider, a pioneer, and a couple of Mavericks.

Stefan Ytterborn

Founder & CEO CAKE

Designing zero emission off-road motorbikes.

The founder of the iconic wintersport and cycling gear brand POC, Stefan Ytterborn stepped back as CEO to focus on his new venture Cake to provide “uncompromised high-performance zero emission off-road motorbikes”. With its headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden and its technology office in Taiwan, the Cake bikes defines a new category for bike experience.

Recently awarded for best product design in Swedish Design Awards, Cake breaks new ground at the intersection of design and technology with a distinct DNA that goes against the standards in the industry. With only 50 bikes shipped world wide so far, Stefan will make an exclusive demo of their product and give us a glimpse of a beautiful future for motorbikes.

Shauna Carey

Managing Director

A different design organization. launched as a nonprofit organization from the global design and innovation firm IDEO in 2011. Pioneering how human-centered design can improve the lives of people living in poverty, they’re working to get the social sector at large to take a human-centered approach to problem solving too.

In her role as Managing Director, Shauna leads’s global communications team and Transformation practice, focused on designing solutions to emerging development and humanitarian challenges.

A writer and communications strategist by trade, Shauna is passionate about the power of human stories to inspire great design and bring about social change. Prior to joining, she spent several years at Room to Read, an organization dedicated to improving literacy and gender equality in education across Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, and at a number of mission-driven startups in Europe and the San Francisco Bay Area. Fueled by insatiable curiosity, she loves finding patterns amidst chaos. She can almost always be found with coffee in hand.

Teenage Engineering

Design meet robot meet speaker meet AI.

With iconic products such as the OP-1 synthesizer and the tiny Pocket Operator synths, Teenage Engineering has earned an almost legendary status as a team of mavericks that constantly push boundaries. Out of their HQ in Stockholm, Sweden, their multidisciplinary team of software / electrical / mechanical engineers and industrial designers are developing beautiful products for people who love sound and music.

Recently two new speaker products were unveiled at the Baidu World conference in Beijing, China, designed in partnership by Teenage Engineering and the tech company Raven. Simply referred to by the single letters “H” and “R,” the devices are part voice controlled speaker, part robot, part state of the art AI. And unlike anything you’ve seen before.

As the speakers only are available in China, Teenage Engineering will provide a unique demo of H and R. And as if that’s not enough cool for one day, they will also do a sneak peek unboxing of their upcoming OP-Z Synth.

For more info about the Frontiers Conference, as well as getting tickets, head to the Frontiers Conference website.

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