The State of Digital Design

Hear from Michael Burkin, Doberman NY Managing Director, as he shares his insights with 99u about the current state of digital design.

99u, in partnership with the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA), brought together some of the best minds in the digital space to tackle questions like the agency’s role when large corporations are building internal digital teams, and how the biggest changes for improving client collaboration have nothing to do with technology.

Specifically regarding what changes Doberman has made to work more collaboratively with clients, Burkin highlighted our move away from documentation for documentation’s sake. He shared, “This might sound small, but it has bigger implications: We are doing much less documentation. Our brave and creative clients have much more interest in spending the time we have together to iterate rather than us create a bunch of decks that we present to them and then wait for feedback and waste a lot of time on. We are killing the deck!”

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