Service Design Manifesto

To celebrate the International Service Design Day June 1st 2017, we present our new Service Design Manifesto.

As service designers at the design firm Doberman, we promise…

to honor the ’service’ in service design

Others may like to design abstract systems, we love to design concrete services. For us, service design is done when real people can experience a real difference. The proof of the pudding is in — the pudding.

to honor the ’design’ in service design

We make stuff. No matter the beauty of a model or a service blueprint, they are just tools in the process. We embrace craftsmanship in the making of tangible outcomes.

to be agnostic about methods

All methods have pros and cons. There is no ‘one method fits all’, not even the beloved customer journey mapping. We promise to make insightful and creative choices of methods to match any given challenge.

to honor tech as a catalyst in service design

For too long service design has been seen as separate from everything digital. Not anymore. We believe in digitalization as the number one disruptor of services in the world. As service designers, we need to learn and explore the latest tech.

to create and tell sticky stories

The service design process can be very rational, analytical and… boring. And hard to grasp, for anyone not directly involved. To make an impact, we need to tell stories that connect strategies to concrete details and human voices. Stories that drive transformation.

to break through the noise

To change things, services must be designed to be desirable, unique and differentiating. Being comfortable, usable or rational is not enough. We promise to work hard to design services that break through the increasing noise in the world of products and services.

– Johan Dovelius, Head of Service Design at Doberman

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