Pictures from Google Open Mic

Doberman in collaboration with Google and Di Digital, gathered the future change makers on stage at Google Open Mic. Here are all the photos from the event.

Google Open Mic was an open stage for entrepreneurs within tech, design and social innovation. The event was hosted by Google and moderated by Doberman’s CEO Lisa Lindström and Di Digital during Almedalen Political Week in Visby

Lisa & Kyla Fullenwider Lisa Lindström and Kyla Fullenwider in conversation

Kyla Fullenwider, a former Presidential Innovation Fellow at the Obama Administration, shared her learnings on how to bridge the gap between the startup world and the public sector. Press link (Swedish)

Jeremy JaunceyJeremy Jauncey

Jeremy Jauncey, Founder of Beautiful Destinations, talked about how digital storytelling and video could be used by politicians to communicate with young generations. Press link (Swedish)

Josefina Skerk GoogleJosefina Skerk

Josefina Skerk shared her personal story on being a representant and activist for the rights of the Sami people in a connected world.

Kotada YunosKotada Yunos Emma RosmanEmma Rosman

Kotada Yunos, Founder of Öresundspuls and Emma Rosman, Founder of the Welcome App, are two social entrepreneurs dedicated to creating viable and sustainable solutions to ease the arrival of migrants and refugees. Press link (Swedish)

Fredrik Wikholm GoogleFredrik Wikholm

Fredrik Wikholm, Founder of Uniforms for the Dedicated and the Dedicated Institute, shared his passion for creating brands and solutions built to reinforce both the planet and the people.

Alexander Brännkärr GoogleAlexander Brännkärr

Alexander Brännkärr, Founder of ‘Roligaste Sommarjobbet’ (The Best Summer Job) shared his learnings on how he helped 4000 teenagers to become entrepreneurs.

Audience GoogleThe audience at Google Open Mic

Photo credit: Martin Bondesson

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