Four more Speakers to Frontiers — A Design and Innovation Conference

The next round of speakers are here, a Maker, an Activist, a Rocketman, and a Vocalist.

Haiyan Zhang

Innovation Director Microsoft Research

Haiyan Zhang

Innovation Through Technology

She is Innovation Director at Microsoft Research Cambridge. Inventing cutting-edge technology to enable new “Connected Play” experiences. She is also an inventor appearing in the BBC documentary, Big Life Fix.

In her 18-year career in the Technology sector, Haiyan has worked hands-on in software engineering, user experience, hardware R&D, service design, and blue-sky envisioning. She continues to push on the boundaries where technology can transform people’s lives for the better.

Her work at Microsoft focus on projects around how we can innovate technology for a diverse and inclusive world. Such as the acclaimed wearable Project Emma that sends vibrations to the brain to help people with Parkinson’s disease control hand tremors and write more clearly.

Yolanda Domínguez

Visual Artist & Activist

Yolanda Dominguez

Challenging Gender Norms

Yolanda is a Spanish visual artist, communication expert and activist. Her artistic work transcends educational field, collaborating with several institutions and universities all around the world carrying out workshops and conferences and is currently professor and tutor of Contemporary Photography MA at EFTI School in Madrid where she teaches the module “Image as a tool for social transformation”.

Her unique work can be seen as a comment on contemporary culture and media, and has gained broad international recognition in the same media her work criticise

Dan Goods

Visual Strategist NASA

Dan Goods

The Last Frontier

Dan is the Visual Strategist for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. There he shepherd a team working to transform complex concepts into meaningful stories and creates installations that encourage people to discover more about planets and stars. He is also involved in developing future space missions.

His work usually express how science and creativity can come together to make meaningful experiences. The outcome range from drilling a hole into a grain of sand to show our place in the vast universe, to materializing the experience of the atmosphere of a comet.

Outside of NASA, Dan is creating the Museum of Awe, a mind blowing experience of art, science and theatre that brings together collaborators from around the globe.

Jen Cotton

Lead UX Designer Amazon

Jen Cotton

Designing for voice

Through Alexa, Amazon has positioned itself as one of the true pioneers within voice interaction and lead the way for everything from shopping to home automation through voice technology.

Jen is responsible for creating a design framework to scale the Alexa customer experience across a range of devices, from cars to appliances and beyond. Prior to joining Amazon in 2017, Jen was an Experience Design Lead at Twitter, where she was responsible for designing the Home Timeline and leading a team of designers on the overall user experience. She has previously worked at New York Magazine, Scripps Networks and the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation.

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