Doberman at Almedalen 2018

Check out our schedule for Almedalen 2018, and don’t be afraid to say hi.

If you want to meet Doberman at Almedalen 2018 to get some inspiration or hang around, come by our events or ping any of our colleagues Anna and Moa (, Read more about the events we host and co-host below.

Responsible digitalization for a sustainable countryside

How do we use technological strengths for positive change, and at the same time address the challenges? How can we with the aid of digitalization increase the life force of entrepreneurs in the countryside and set the foundation for creating new businesses? You will get unique insights into how the foremost within the digital industry use technology and design for positive development in our society. After the panel discussion, we invite to a wider discussion, where we together with our audience explore how to shape the countryside of the future together.

When: Monday 2nd of July, 16.00-19-00

Where: Tomorrow’s Trädgård, Mellangatan 15

Google Open Mic: The Changemakers of tomorrow

Google turn over their stage to the change agents of the future who take on challenges in society in new ways. It’s a packed schedule with 14 speakers including Indy Johar, who pushes for co-creational innovation for the city of tomorrow; Galit Ariel, a pioneer within AR and immersive tech who explores its challenges and possibilities; and Siduri Poli, founder of Changers Hub that help the young in Stockholm’s suburbs realize their ideas.

When: Wednesday, the 4th of July. Moderated by Doberman’s Lisa Lindström 9.00-12.30, and DI Digital 13.30-17.30.

Where: Google main stage, Hästgatan 1

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