Internship Program NYC
/ New York

1. Why Doberman?

At Doberman we work hard to create the best work of our lives and achieve a sustainable impact on the world we live in.

Our company was founded two decades ago and is today home to 100 people. We are independently owned and run by the people working here.

We’re proud that Doberman has been recognized as the Best Place to Work and Best Digital Design Firm.

2. Choose a discipline

At Doberman we believe in mixing talents from different backgrounds and fields; interdisciplinary teams think faster, make better decisions, and have more fun. In our internship program at our NY office we offer four different types of positions:

  • Product Designer (Visual focus)
  • Product Designer (UX focus)
  • Developer

When you apply for an internship, specify which position your are interested in.

Katie and Anders – Showing

3. How we work

Doberman interns are surrounded by and work closely with senior designers and developers. As an intern you will be working on a range of projects; from digital products and experience strategies to assisting with project research and common production tasks.

We consider our interns an important part of our team. You will be exposed to a wide array of situations; all more or less designed to provide the right experience required to succeed as a professional designer.

What are the working hours? M-F, 9-6pm

How long is the internship? 3 months

What’s my salary? Doberman NYC interns are paid $2,500 per month as compensation. Plus monthly MTA card reimbursement.

4. Must have’s

At Doberman we work together with each other, our clients, and the users. We make and re-make. Again and again. We design and engineer digital products, build strategies that are actionable, code things you’ve never seen before, and come up with things known by fancy names like multi-touchpoint services.

This way of working demands certain qualities:


  • Entitled to work in the USA
  • Must be pursuing a degree, or graduated within the last 2 years.
  • You should be an ambitious, self-motivated and proactive team player who can follow (and ignore) directions.

Single – Technology

5. Apply now!

We accept interns in three month increments throughout the year. Apply now to inquire about internship openings.

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