The Frontiers of Design — A film by Doberman

Doberman's film The Frontiers of Design sets out to explore what’s next for design through the eyes of influential designers and leaders across the industry.

Design has been recognized as a key approach to a world in flux. But the great embrace of Design, also drives great noise. Everyone talks Design. Everyone thinks Design. Anyone can design.

In this maze of sameness lurks the ghost of status quo. But also a new beginning; an emerging new approach to Design, and a landscape of opportunities for how to cut through the noise and radically change business and society.

These are the Frontiers of Design. And those who master them will lead.

As part of Doberman's 20th anniversary, The Frontiers of Design is a film project interviewing 20 influential organizations and designers about what’s next for Design. Together they form a diverse patchwork of perspectives across industries, disciplines, and markets.

The film had its premiere at the Metrograph theatre in New York and will be released online late 2018. Until then, shorts from the film is available at and the full film will be shared at exclusive screenings. If you're interested in hosting a screening at your event or company, please contact

Screenings of The Frontiers of Design:

Oct 22, Fast Company Innovation Festival, New York City, US

Oct 22, Riot Games, Los Angeles, US

Nov 15, Change by Design, Oslo, Norway

Nov 15, Design Conference, New Delhi, India

Nov 6, Belfast Design Week, Belfast, Ireland

Dec 5, Slush, Helsinki Finland

May 27, 2019, Design Conference, Brisbane, Australia

Oct 5, Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design, Lahti, Finland

Oct 3, Cinema Capitol, Stockholm, Sweden

Sep 27, Mastercard, New York City, US

Sep 25, Ford Global Design Summit, Detroit, US

Sep 18, Spotify, New York City, US

Sep 17, Spotify, Stockholm, Sweden

Sep 13, IBM, New York City, US

Sep 10, Primer Conference, Helsinki, Finland

Sep 8, Techfestival, Copenhagen, Denmark

Aug 31, Frontiers Design and Innovation Conference, Stockholm, Sweden

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