SkiStar & Valle's Summer World

Introducing Valle’s Summer World created for SkiStar in partnership with True Stories & GroPlay.

Last year we had the pleasure to work with the entire SkiStar organization on their efforts to transform SkiStar from a perceived winter only destination into a year round experience. After facilitating ideation with 650+ employees we were able to take the three most promising concepts and transform them into tangible projects. One of these concepts was Valle’s Summer World. Over the next phase we took this successful test and partnered with True Stories & GroPlay to make Valle’s new world a reality.

With a focus on creativity and joy, the digi-physical aspect of Valle’s Summer World leverages the digital fluency of today’s children to inspire both children and adults to spend time together outdoors, all year round. You’ll find activities that children and adults can enjoy like a picnic with the party rabbits' three-course skewers, outdoor bingo, or making nature bracelets. The activity cards provide instructions and inspiration, and as a parent, all you need to do is say "yes!”.

It is a beautiful product inspired by the people who know Valle the best, the employees of SkiStar, for the people who perhaps love Valle the most, the kids. A wonderful example of using experiment-led innovation strategy to quickly create and test ideas that push the organization forward while engaging users in a fresh and exciting way. We’re so happy to have been chosen to work with Skistar on this project, nurturing this idea from its inception to its becoming a reality.

So step outside in the summer sun and explore some nature with the children in your life, and let us know what you think!

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