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The challenges we face are great. We believe our imaginations are even greater.

Meet SALLY our future manifestation lab. To create the future we want, we need to unleash our imaginations. Instead of responding in increments, we should be imagining without limits.

SALLY catalyses the imagination we need for our times. To inspire a movement towards a world that thrives. A world that is regenerative and fair. A world that we can start building today.

Earlier this year, SALLY did what in startup terms is called a pivot. We sat down, zoomed out, and reevaluated our mission. Given our skills and platform, were we really doing the right things to help the world speed towards new and better futures? The answer at the time was no.

See, the problem wasn't information - the organisation we talked to already knew that systemic change was necessary. But what they couldn't see was what was on the other side. And short of transformational visions, efforts quickly fell back to band-aid solutions and incremental improvements: recycling, less harmful materials or packaging, electrified transport of mass-produced consumer goods.

And it makes sense. How are we supposed to build radically new businesses, let alone a new better world, if we haven't first imagined it?

So we refocused SALLY as a Future Manifestation Lab. Obsessing over how to counter this imagination crisis in big and small: experiments, services, business model innovations, exhibitions, and new partnerships. Exploring and visualising that unknown world on the other side.

We are still figuring this out and certainly don't have all the answers. But we are determined to do what we can to get this right. Because the future that is still possible is infinitely better, if we only start to imagine it.

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