Today we are thrilled to introduce our next big leap together with EY. With a shared ambition to truly blend strategy, design, and technology, we are setting out to propel innovation.

Since we turned 20 a few years ago, we’ve spent a great deal of time thinking about what our next big leap should be. What should our next 20 years look like? We’ve had the opportunity to create amazing things with our clients. But we want more. To boost our tools. Scale our reach. And contribute to even more change.

That restlessness led us to the conclusion that we want to do this in partnership with someone who can help us catalyze impact. Someone who can add even more depth and expertise to our offering. And equally important, someone who honors the fundamental ideas that Doberman is built on. Enter EY.

-Design has never been more imperative for how to truly change things. This is a big, but natural leap in Doberman’s quest to unleash our ambition and achieve monumental impact. As part of EY, we can radically scale our capability with access to a wealth of deep industry insights, world class strategy consulting capacity and an opportunity to leverage EY extensive global technology alliances, says Lisa Lindström, CEO and founder of Doberman.

Read the full press release from EY here.

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