News as Music

EY Doberman partners with Aftonbladet and Schibsted's innovation lab IN/LAB to create a new tool as a part of IN/LABs continued project to transform news experiences.

Completed in just six weeks, the result is “News as Music”, an innovative feature that uses AI to present news as music through a user interface that allows readers to personalize by converting written texts from news media into music. By searching for genres, artists, tempo, or a specific song, users unlock the power of AI technology, blending musical preferences with personalized news experiences. It's a symphony of information and emotion, creating an engaging encounter with the news.

With the launch of ‘News as Music,’ we are proud to join our client Schibsted as pioneers in shaping the future of news. We are reimagining the media landscape by applying AI to create personalized encounters that blend advanced tech with exceptional design, and worked to create an engaging experience that resonates on a deeper level, says Linnéa Becker Managing Director, EY Doberman Stockholm

"What If the News...?" is an IN/LAB project in collaboration with young individuals from the outer suburbs of Stockholm, and as a part of this ongoing explorative mission the "News Changemaker Program" was created. Formed of 10 young people with critical attitudes towards news media. The goal was to better understand current issues and prototype possible future news experiences, creating speculative news experiences that address the pain points of unappealing media formats.

The "News as Music" was one of six product concepts based on the issues they identified.This new AI-generated news service "News as music" is a concrete result of their conceptual work. The service was rigorously tested on for a thousand selected young users. The response was positive, both from the test subjects and the young people who came up with the original idea

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