A new home loan offering that strives to be fair and transparent by exuding simplicity, trust, and approachability.

In close collaboration with Oslo Pensjonsforsikring AS and EY-Parthenon, we’ve had the privilege to design the business strategy, concept, name, visual identity, design, and digital product for Kassa — A new home loan offering that strives to be fair and transparent.

Kassa Poster

This project began when Oslo Pensjonsforsikring (OPF) wanted to explore new business areas and our colleagues at EY Parthenon stepped in with a business transformation strategy for how OPF could make their favorable home loans available to all in Norway, and not just the employees of municipalities. EY Doberman joined the team to further refine, visualize, and test the strategy, and based on our insights, Kassa was born.

Kassa Sign

One box fits all. The social aspect of Kassa was the main driver for the product. Even if we are all different Kassa has room for everyone. Kassa translates to 'box' quite literally in Norwegian, and we thought this could be a fun, relatable metaphor when talking about homes, budget and mortgage-sizes. We have “large box”, “medium box” and “small box”, depending on how much you need to borrow, says Markus Ackermann, Design Director Oslo.

Developing Kassa further, we created a concept, name, visual identity, and digital product validated by prototype user testing. Working from a foundation of trust, we were able to explore this bold visual direction, and deliver a fresh brand that resonated.

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Reach out to Behnam Farazollahi to learn more about the Kassa case and how to collaborate with EY Doberman on creating digital products and services for your company.

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