Heart 17 x EY Doberman at the UN


“Human Interest”, an art installation created in collaboration between HEART 17 creative director Sahara Widoff , filmmaker David Walegren and the creative team at EY Doberman, has turned the UN building into a beacon of hope like never before.

Inspired by youth leaders like Maxida Marak, musician and Samí activist, and Mitzi Jonelle Tan climate activist in the Philippines, this film shines as a vibrant, expressive manifesto for hope and action. Their words and faces are displayed in combination with evocative words and images, creating an emotional film that raises the voices of those who need to be heard, and lighting the way forward toward change.

Ahead of Stockholm +50, and World Environment Day, the film calls on all of us to join in raising our voices to accelerate humanity's progress towards the 17 UN Global Goals. It’s time for a new story. A story of hope. A greener, fairer, better world by 2030.

To learn more & watch the full film visit Heart17 here

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