EY Doberman partners with Agronod

Starting with a pilot of climate calculation tool Agrosfär, Agronod and EY Doberman work to unleash the power of Swedish agricultural data.

Founded by Lantmännen, LRF, Hushållningssällskapet and Växa, with financial support by the European agricultural fund for rural development, Agronod’s goal is to accelerate the pace of sustainable development in the food sector by enabling new solutions to measure key data in Swedish agriculture.

While working together with EY Doberman to create a platform for this key data it was very important that it also meet the needs of Swedish farmers at the farm level. This is a critical step towards a regenerative future as critical areas of change such as the reduction of climate footprint, preserving biodiversity, and increasing choline storage, are all happening at the farm level. Agronod's first pilot product created for the platform is an automated climate calculation tool called Agrosfär.

-Collaborating with Agronod, is exactly the type of insights-driven work that we want to invest in at EY Doberman. Our design process has been farmers first, starting with qualitative interviews and then iterating together through prototyping. As a result, we’ve designed this digital tool based on their needs - "for farmers by farmers!" As part of our new offering we want to continue to make these types of transformative products that change behaviors. It takes us all one step closer towards manifesting that preferable future where our food systems are truly regenerative. We look forward to our continued work together harnessing the power of data for farmers, says Elin Ankerblad Managing Director EY Doberman Sweden.

-Building a platform for sharing agricultural data is complex. Agrosfär is an important case for concretely demonstrating and explaining the possibilities with our data platform. Everything we develop must be of concrete benefit to Swedish farmers. With Agrosfär, we simplify administration and ensure the quality of climate reporting, something we know is in demand. Our goal is that it should only take ten minutes to produce a climate calculation. At the same time, added value will be measurable, in this case with climate work, says Emilia Liljeström CEO Agronod

Agrosfär contains three important components: automatic data collection, a calculation model and a result view with information that the farmer can choose to share further. The tool makes it easy to calculate agriculture's climate footprint at both farm and product level. The calculation model has been developed in line with the latest science and in collaboration with leading experts, researchers and advisers.

-A platform for data sharing and digital solutions is crucial for increasing the pace of development in this sector, and for developing collaborations that create profitable, innovative and sustainable agricultural companies. Agrosfär is an important milestone in this development as it’s very important to be able to measure an increase in added sustainability values, says Per Arfvidsson Chairman of the Board of Agronod.

The first pilot version of Agrosfär will be presented during Borgeby Fältdagar 29-30 June and Brunnby Lantbrukardagar 6-7 July. The report on the calculation model can be downloaded from Agronod here

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