Doberman's Approach to VR

How does agencies really work with VR? Beaconomist interviewed Doberman's Design Technologist Lars Ericsson to get some insights.

Lars Ericsson, Design Technologist at Doberman.

"We try to help our customers to find and apply new technology on real problems and challenges. During the last 6 months, we've seen that it's starting to pop up real applications for VR and AR. These type of projects have become much more frequent during this period", Lars Ericsson says.

Lars Ericsson sees retail (stores) as a big sector for VR and AR.

"We try to find more customer-close applications with the new technology, rather then PR or because we want to show something. We find more customer driven user cases where a customer actually have a task that needs to be completed. That's where retail is a big sector for VR and AR to communicate what products do, or for consumers to be able to try customers products."

Doberman is currently working on a case for the art scene.

"We have an internal project where we've created kind of a geocache with virtual artwork, which has been tagged on geographical places around the world on a set time that others then can find and experience."

The artworks are created in and for an AR environment.

"We get a lot of customer requests within these technologies. Many times it's not isolated to VR and AR but the technologies are included in larger projects where VR or AR experiences wasn't part of the plan to start with, but is used as part of a larger customer journey."

Doberman have three running projects that are focused on VR and AR and also three more that are touching the field in some way.

Do you have capacity to take on more projects?

"We always have capacity to take on good projects."

Doberman have also completed two gaming projects within entertainment gaming, which are developed in VR.

What business sectors do you think will embrace VR an AR further in the future?

"I think the pysical meeting will be replaced and also that other types of communication will emerge and benefit from this technology."

What's the potential for Doberman in this market?

"The market is controlled by what technology that's available, and I think it's something we will work frequently with. We see no intrinsic value in just using the technology because it's there, but with good user cases there's potential."

How does the development of the market look like?

"We've just started to see the potential. Especially AR is something we will see more of and situations where AR is used as part of the bigger picture in the customer journey."

What's your view on the competition from pure VR and AR agencies?

"We always need to be the best when it comes to applying the right technology on the right problem. There's where I think we have a competitive advantage with our base competence. To specialize ourselves on a platform or in specific technology, I think we always have to hire specialists."

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