Discreetly distinct – for CMedical

We have developed a new strategy, identity and website for CMedical: An intimate health and fertility clinic. Their 14 clinics have been unified with one holistic brand and digital presence, lifting CMedical in the Nordic market.

Through close collaboration we have developed a clear verbal and visual voice that allows for intimate topics being addressed in a serious, personal, and sympathetic manner. The first phase of the new branding is now visible in Oslo with a campaign focusing on fertility.


  • It was important for us to cultivate and develop an identity that dared to break with the language of categories. Challenging a traditional private health sector has been a clear goal, in addition to establishing a strong Nordic brand, says Tomas Høgseth, Marketing Manager CMedical.

The design solution is based on the duality of being able to look closely at a problem; a cell or a cyst – and at the same time being able to grasp the bigger picture, in relation to the body or a certain lifestyle. This micro to macro perspective remains as a recognizable and flexible system reflected in layout, typography and photography.


  • The identity must be able to accommodate contrasts in life such as sterilization and assisted fertilization, or prostate cancer and breastfeeding. The art of balance is being discreet and bold at the same time, says Fredrik Lien Bjørgmo, Designer in EY Doberman.

Beyond branding, we’ve also streamlined CMedical’s digital presence, consolidating twelve websites into one comprehensive platform enhancing the website's user experience, alongside providing CMedical with a new suite of branding tools.

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