You gave your all, all those years. You provided for your family, your friends. You’ve been the cook, the entertainer, the teacher, the driver, the breadwinner. You’ve been the rock, the mentor, the shoulder to cry on. You didn’t let tired eyes, sore knees, bad backs or chapped hands hold you back from putting those you love first. You’ve been the everything to everyone. Now, It’s your turn.

By 2040, one in five Americans will be over the age of 65. The banking system & society as a whole are geared towards individuals who have an income, rather than those who need to make the most of limited resources.

Introducing Charlie. Rethinking the banking experience for our parents.

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Launched May 2023, Charlie aims to rethink banking for the often overlooked senior generation & offer the banking services that actually matter. Using deep customer insights to create an empathetic user-centric digital experience & brand for Charlie we aimed to deliver a seamless tailor made digital product. A product that centers a population that means so much to us, yet is often forgotten.


We’ve worked with the Charlie team to design a full digital experience that offers simple and transparent financial services for retirees. Crafting a distinctive lifestyle brand that stands out in a competitive market.

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