Brand Identity for Agronod

Intertwining both organic and adaptable elements to reflect the dynamic nature of the agricultural sector, the new brand identity for Agronod by EY Doberman transcends mere aesthetics, Agronod by EY Doberman transcends mere aesthetics, instead embodying unity, growth and innovation.

Agronod is an Agtech startup driven by a clear mission: to strengthen Swedish agriculture and food production through sharing of agricultural data. By collecting, structuring, and ensuring the quality of all essential data, Agronod simplify data sharing, paving the way for new innovative solutions. Our journey with Agronod began in 2022 with our design for the pilot launch of the Agrosfär climate calculation application, which simplifies how to measure and report the agricultural sector's carbon footprint. As the new AgTech start-up grew we were excited to return and help them continue to develop their visual language through a unique brand identity.

Our main challenge in the design process was to humanize data visualization. Agronod functions as a central, evolving node that not only unites data but also brings together organizations committed to enhancing Swedish agriculture. We wanted to convey this visually through the use of organic shapes and a warm, grounded color palette. The primary color, a rich yellow, mirrors the vibrancy of sunshine and the natural hues of wheat fields, encapsulating optimism and forward-thinking.

Conveyed through illustrations that are as versatile as they are meaningful, this visual narrative is capable of both static and animated representation, adaptable to various contexts while maintaining a coherent identity.

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